Playing At Casinos Would Be An Ecological Alternative.

If you go to land-based casinos, you must have noticed how luxurious these establishments are. Endless lights, full of machines with flashes and sound effects, in highly hot or cool rooms depending on whether. In sum, millions of Kw are spent in casinos each.

Leaving all these machines active obviously has a cost. While the planet is at the time of energy saving, we wonder about what is going on in the heads of casino managers to spend as much in terms of electrical energy.

Fortunately, there are alternatives, and these are a good replacement for casinos that consume a lot of energy.

If you choose to play online casinos, we say goodbye to machines that consume kilowatts, which are on 24/24, lights that flash all the time, and also air conditioning machines or even heaters that only ” increase electricity bills.

To leave your good old physical casino for an online casino is to say bye-bye to a great actor of the ecological disaster in progress, and allowing a more consequent energy saving.

Beyond consuming less electricity, players in the online casino world actively participate in reducing the use of electrical energy. There are quite a few very encouraging initiatives these days.

Other sites even propose to plant a tree for each new customer registering on their platform.

These are great ideas that make the world greener, and these initiatives are to be encouraged! Between energy use and ecology, make your choice quickly. Ours is all done!

Playing at an online casino is always very interesting for internet users. Indeed, it is possible to have fun while trying to earn money.

However, playing online necessarily involves using your money, and therefore your bank account. Some people have understood this and have therefore launched underground casinos, in order to rob you. How to detect illegal casinos? This is what we are going to explain to you.

A clandestine casino is a casino that offers very few means of payment, and all involve giving your bank details. If you can only pay by credit card, then we advise you to flee. It is most likely an underground casino. It is already the first way to recognize them, and therefore avoid them. But it is not the only one.

Indeed, it is possible to recognize an underground casino by contacting customer service. All casinos must offer it to their customers. If no number is listed on the site, then you can be sure it is a scam. If the number is there, but you cannot reach an advisor, then you should be careful.

Also, if you cannot reach an advisor, or if no number is indicated on the site, then it is necessarily an underground casino.

Another piece of advice: don’t hesitate to read the reviews on the Internet. Indeed, consumers often give their point of view on online casinos.

For the record, in China, a Chinese managed to recover the equivalent of 55 billion $ via an online casino to which he had brought a lawsuit in the east of China. Online casinos are banned in China, except in the Portuguese colony of Macao, which has become number 1 in the world casinos thanks to its huge turnover.

This did not prevent a Chinese citizen from opening an online casino in June 2012 in Wenzhou. The man relocated the activity to Vietnam for not having a copy to surrender to the Chinese police who had opened an investigation in June 2014. The police had discovered that more than 2.04 million players had bet the sum of 400 billion yuan. The man was eventually arrested in Vietnam and repatriated to China.

It is true, on the Internet, it is very easy to come across casinos which are in reality clandestine sites. All in all,

  • The underground casino does not offer customer service
  • The illegal casino is often a site hosted abroad

With these tips, you will now be able to easily recognize this type of fraudulent platform.